Our Policies

We know you want the best for your puppy and the dog it will grow into, so we offer 3 competitive levels of insurance plan:

  Premier Plus
Premier Plus
Veterinary Fees £7,000 £4,000 £3,000
Third Party Liability £2m £2m £1m
Death From Illness £1,000 £750 £250
Death From Accident £1,000 £750 £250
Advertising & Reward £1,500 £1,500 £250
Theft & Straying £1,000 £750 £250
Boarding & Kennel Fees £1,500 £1,500 £750
Holiday Cancellation £1,500 £1,500 £750
Overseas Cover 6 months 6 months 30 days

Premier and Premier Plus

These two plans give lifetime cover up to a specified monetary limit every year. That means as long as you keep your policy up-to-date, you can claim up to the same amount each year for accident and illness for the rest of your dog’s life. Which gives real peace of mind if your pet develops a chronic condition such as diabetes.

Our cheaper Standard policy gives £3000 cover per condition for up to 12 months, dating from the first appearance or treatment of the condition. Whichever you choose, each policy comes complete with a range of benefits to make living and travelling with your dog as worry-free as possible.